This was the first blog I put online. I had just graduated college and had no idea what I wanted to do with my career. I can’t even remember how I learned about the Raspberry Pi foundation but I am glad I did. I bought my first Pi and it opened up a door to …

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7 Raspberry Pi Sensors

Connecting hardware to your Raspberry Pi is one of the biggest benefits of the $35 mini Linux computer chip. There are a lot of third party companies that make raspberry pi sensors and other external devices that can be paired with the Raspberry Pi to complete your next project. To connect sensors to your Raspberry …

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38 Super Useful Raspberry Pi Commands

When I first started using my Raspberry Pi I was constantly Googling commands to learn how to use my Raspberry Pi. Learning Raspberry Pi commands is important for interacting with your Pi especially if you want to use the Pi remotely using SSH. Because the Raspberry Pi is linux based, most of the commands in …

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What To Do With A Raspberry Pi

Want to buy a Raspberry Pi? Not sure what to do with a Raspberry Pi? Here is a guide for beginner for some ideas on a Raspberry Pi project. This post will detail some of the most popular, widely supported raspberry pi projects. Hopefully this post will give you an idea of what and how to …

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Magic Mirror Raspberry Pi Project

Mirror Mirror On The Wall The magic mirror raspberry pi project is perfect if you are looking for a project to bring technology and functionality together. Michael Teeeuw at Xonay Labs has created a Magic Mirror Raspberry Pi Project that looks clean and serves a unique purpose. What is most impressive about this project is hiding all …

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