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How Do I Set A Static IP Address On Raspbian Jessie

This one stumped me longer than it should have.

If you are familiar with older versions of Raspbian then you are likely use to looking in /etc/network/interfaces to edit static IP configurations.

This has since changed in Raspbian Jessie. I would recommend restoring that file if you have edited it.

In order to set a static IP address on Raspbian Jessie you will need to edit /etc/dhcpcd.conf

To do that simply type sudo nano /etc/dhcpcd.conf

At the bottom of your file you should add the following code…

Of course, you should change your IP address to be whatever you would like for it to be.

The interface eth0 line is for a wired connection (using a network cable).

The interface wlan0 is for a wireless connection (WiFi dongle).

You will need to run sudo reboot for these changes to take place.

Once your Pi has rebooted type in sudo ip addr show look for your interface (wlan0 or eth0) and see if that IP address was changed.

Here is where I got stuck

I admit it, I can be a big NOOB sometimes.

I kept getting as my IP address which looked like a localhost IP address or something.

I am using a WiFi dongle and it hit me, after a clean install of Raspbian Jessie I never connected to my network. So I booted into the GUI (because it’s easier for me) and connected to my Wifi by just clicking the icon in the top navigation bar. Once I found my network and typed in the password I was able to see the static IP address I had specified.

That’s it.

Now I can SSH into my Raspberry Pi.

(Infographic) A Brief History Of The Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has achieved a number of impressive feats.

The Raspberry Pi has gained the attention of computer lovers and educators across the World.

The community has embraced the small micro computer and developed many amazing projects.

If you are on the fence about buying a Raspberry Pi, then get off the fence and start learning.

The Raspberry Pi is a great tool to learn both computer hardware and software.

So whatever your fancy, enjoy the power of this micro computer like the 5 million other Raspberry Pi users.

Check out this infographic that gives a very quick overview of what the Raspberry Pi Foundation has achieved.

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Voice Activated LED Coffee Table Powered By Raspberry Pi

This is cool. We love LED lights here at RaspiBakery, and any project that uses LED lights in a cool way.

We also like DIY projects that merge functionality, technology, and furniture. So today, we want to share with you an awesome project from Mikel Duke who used an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi to make an interactive LED coffee table.

You can check Mikel’s video out here.

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5 Of The Best Raspberry Pi Projects For Young Kids

Here are 5 awesome ideas to teach kids the power of computing and programming with a Raspberry Pi.

Originally the Raspberry Pi foundation created the small $35 computer chip to help teachers and students learn the basics of computers. Since then many adults have embraced the power of the small computer. The ability to run multiple Linux distributions and reliably run applications makes the Raspberry Pi the perfect piece of equipment for young kids to learn computing projects.

This list will break down 5 of the very best Raspberry Pi projects for young kids.

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Top 3 Raspberry Pi Accessories You Gotta Have

I have three Raspberry Pi’s and they work great.But I find myself adding more Pi’s and Raspberry Pi Accesorries into my shopping cart. I don’t know what it is.

Well actually I do, the problem is there are so many cool looking projects that I want to try and too many new accessories for the Pi. But I don’t want to partition my SD cards and run the risk of ruining a project that is running fine.

So I would rather take the easy way out and buy another Pi or Raspberry accessory. Sure it cost a little more but heck, I love tinkering with them, and have tons of peripherals laying around, so why not.

Through all of the Raspberry Pi projects I have found these Raspberry Pi accessories to be the most handy, novel, and fun items to go along with a Raspberry Pi.

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