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Top 3 Raspberry Pi Accessories You Gotta Have

I have three¬†Raspberry Pi’s and they work great.But I find myself adding more Pi’s and Raspberry Pi Accesorries into my shopping cart. I don’t know what it is.

Well actually I do, the problem is there are so many cool looking projects that I want to try and too many new accessories for the Pi. But I don’t want to partition my SD cards and run the risk of ruining a project that is running fine.

So I would rather take the easy way out and buy another Pi or Raspberry accessory. Sure it cost a little more but heck, I love tinkering with them, and have tons of peripherals laying around, so why not.

Through all of the Raspberry Pi projects I have found these Raspberry Pi accessories to be the most handy, novel, and fun items to go along with a Raspberry Pi.

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