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Raspberry Pi OS For Beginners

Getting a Raspberry Pi up and running is easy. All you need is a Raspberry Pi, a power supply, a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and SD card. The hard part is deciding which operating system to install on your Raspberry Pi to launch your first project.

Luckily there are a lot of choices when selecting a Raspberry Pi operating system. Because Linux is an open source system, all of the Raspberry Pi OS are free.

This is nice because you can try all the flavors without worrying about cost.

So here is a breakdown of Raspberry Pi projects/OS for beginners.

If you don’t know which Pi operating system to download or want to try something else. Check out your options.

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5 Of The Best Raspberry Pi Projects For Young Kids

Here are 5 awesome ideas to teach kids the power of computing and programming with a Raspberry Pi.

Originally the Raspberry Pi foundation created the small $35 computer chip to help teachers and students learn the basics of computers. Since then many adults have embraced the power of the small computer. The ability to run multiple Linux distributions and reliably run applications makes the Raspberry Pi the perfect piece of equipment for young kids to learn computing projects.

This list will break down 5 of the very best Raspberry Pi projects for young kids.

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The Ultimate Guide On How To Make A Raspberry Pi Media Center

The Ultimate Guide On How To Make A Raspberry Pi Media Center

A lot of Raspberry Pi users creating XMBC media centers with their Pi’s. Honestly this project always appeared too simple for me and when I first got my Pi I wanted to try much more challenging projects. I thought a media center was too easy because you already had everything nicely bundled as an image and you basically just put the SD card in boot up the Pi and viola you are running an XMBC media center. I finally got the itch to give it a try. I mean everybody else is running a media center I should probably have one. After all, if you drink the Pi kool-aid you better try a media center.

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