Voice Activated LED Coffee Table Powered By Raspberry Pi

This is cool. We love LED lights here at RaspiBakery, and any project that uses LED lights in a cool way.

We also like DIY projects that merge functionality, technology, and furniture. So today, we want to share with you an awesome project from Mikel Duke who used an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi to make an interactive LED coffee table.

You can check Mikel’s video out here.

If you want to code to this project, you can check it out on GitHub right here.

Here is what Mikel did to create this LED coffee table voice command project via his YouTube description…

This a demo of using Google Now voice commands to change the modes on my led array based coffee table.

The table is run using an Arduino to control the leds. The Arduino has a few demo modes coded in to it and the ability to output byte arrays sent over serial to the leds.

The Arduino is hooked up to a Raspberry Pi over USB, which is running a Java program I have written. This program can send images to the Arduino, make animations, and change the built in auto modes. The Java app has a web service built in to it which allows for remote control.

I created some simple Tasker scripts using the HTTP GET command to access the RPi webservice and control the table. Then by using the Tasker plug in AutoVoice, I am able to run Tasker tasks by saying OK Google and using it’s voice recognition.

For those wondering about which LED lights he used Mikel says

I used a couple LED strands, similar to this http://www.adafruit.com/product/322 and then used a laser cutter to cut out the dividers.